20 thoughts on “LaTour – People Are Still Having Sex

  1. This tune is more than a house classic, it's a time document. Freddie Mercury, to name at least one, was about to die of AIDS the year this song was a major club (and radio) hit. Sex was something which, if you weren't careful enough, was dangerous and AIDS hung as a dark cloud over sex when you wanted to perform it those days.

    But still, still there is that one positive note "Someone in this world is having sex right now" in this song. Still people were having sex just for fun and you could enjoy it, despite all the warnings. And when it comes to the rational point of having sex: with so many people on this world with so many babies which are born each minute, I knew that that "someone" at least should be multiplied with a major factor.

    The impact of this song goes way further than just a "poppy" dance tune with more or less controversial lyrics. It makes you wonder, and think about it. It was the right song on the right moment in time.

  2. Anyone else thought being a boy that this song was sung by the devil himself with a very black outfit and a hat? I did😂😂😂😂

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