38 thoughts on “How Alexa Ruined a Surprise

  1. Damn you can tell lonny really hurt Tamara's feelings. I think she was just playin but damn why she hoe her like that. She took it seriously.

  2. One i don't have alexa and i don't need one since i've heard bad rumors about alexa. and two i have Siri 🙂 same thing just siri doesn't delivery for you

  3. love loni don’t know why everybody is so offended and has to explain what harsh is as if she didn’t know..why cant people not gather their opinion and keeeeppp it some of y’all get offended bout the air too smh but when its time to help someone or defend someone who Needs u on the street y’all keep the energy for the internet smh

  4. All the comments below are either Loni was so rude to Tam or I’m with A not in my house. Agreed Tam needs to put her foot down with Loni if she is in fact hurt by the things Loni says or if she knows for real Loni is just joking then she doesn’t have to do anything. The rest of us will just have to deal. As for Amazon Echo devices. I love mine. It is always listening, but not always recording. Those are two separate things. People mix those up.

  5. This issue was addressed about 2-3 years ago. Amazon added a feature whereby you can disable package specifics. You can choose whether or not the contents of the delivery are announced. So now Alexa can tell you a package has arrived but not what is contained in the package. It is right in the settings. If people played with the app more they would discover these things. I live with two other relatives who I don’t want knowing what I order from Amazon ever unless I Show it to them. So disabled package specific notifications a long time ago. This Woman in the UK must really be new to Alexa and she didn’t play around with the Alexa App to know what it is capable of.

  6. This one time my sister in-law was in her car and she couldn’t find a parking spot and said “are you f*ckin serious” Alexa answered and was like “I’m always serous” 😂😂😂😂😂 Alexa is a fool

  7. Bad mouthing a brand messes up the churches money 😂
    y'all can't do that; you have to remain in good standing with advertisers. Tamara diverted the direction of that discussion, you go Tamara! Keep it classy and business savvy.

  8. If you sell or give away your gift that someone gave you it just shows you're very spoiled and ungrateful. People really forgot the meaning of giving gifts smfh

  9. Loni needs to back off sometimes, when people come for her she’s all offended and can’t take a joke when the table is turned.

  10. Wait forget Loni's rude comment for a minute can we talk about how Jeannie tried to save her comment but then made it worse on accident 💀

    Looks at Loni "Yeah because you get a bunch of junk you don't want…-*

    Looks at Tamera "Not junk but…-"

    Lawdddd 🤣 I dont even celebrate Christmas but for the simple fact that this time of year has proven to be one of the most ironically selfish and ungrateful times of the year I'm glad I dont.

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