We take on Atletico Madrid in our final International Champions Cup match of 2019 at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden! #ICC2019 #LiveAhead #AtletiJuve

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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  2. Does anybody know the name of the song during the entrance? (1:41–1:52) I know it's difficult to hear but I would appreciate it if anybody knew! Thanks! 🙂

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    عاجل إذا كنت دائما تعاني من ضعف جنسي و تود معالجة هذا مشـــكل في أقـرب الوقـت لك الحل رائـــع يزيد في صلابة القضيــب ..لــك هدا الكريـم الفعـــال لمدة عشر أيـــــام ستلاحط تغير سأتـرك لكم وتاب الخاص ب ذكتور

  4. Bye Higuain. No offense but he can't play over Dybala. And imagine if Juve has bought Joao Felix? 3 CL in a row like Real Madrid

  5. Please could you give the statistics for each game too ….like % of time the ball was in the possession of Juve … kicks taken and near misses etc … just for plotting a graph …. it is interesting to see the statistics for each season …in the form of data and figures …. will check on your website I …if I can find data in this regard ….
    seems like a very interesting game …. Bestest Wishes for the weekend ahead 🙏
    Always stay ahead of the curve !!!!!

  6. Juventus is going no where this season, it very funny seeing João Cancelo move to Man City and Danilo to Juventus…. I prefer Antonio Conte than Maurizio Sarri.

  7. Si Juventus quiere lograr algo importante en Europa, no puede tener 2 jugadores tan mediocres y sobrevalorados como Higuaín y dybala…

  8. Cristiano Ronaldo:

    From a house with no electricity to a house worth more than €1.6 million

    From no toys in Christmas to world’s most expensive car

    From a boy being bullied to a man who humiliates every car

    From a boy who was made fun for being poor to world’s richest athlete

    This is called Success

  9. Sarri should ike Put De Ligt In about a Month… To a possesion where he will sprint forwards to the goal in the last 20 minutes or 15 Minutes so if a corner will be taken place myb like that Fix: But It's Hard if u can't'speak Italian and It's Hard if u don't know that much yet… he just came so yeah.

  10. De ciglio is getting me mad this player should be in a second division team juventus is too big for him i really miss zambrotta and thuram

  11. Se l'Atletico avesse messo il pullman davanti alla porta magari avrebbe subito di meno, hanno segnato due gol con due tiri e sono stati soppressi per tutto il tempo dalla Juventus che attaccava senza dargli un attimo per fiatare. Molto meglio questa Juventus, rispetto a quelli di allegri, che dopo il primo gol minimo si metteva in difesa a subire.

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