Generations of Romanian girls trafficked into Europe's sex industry

Maya is one of the many Romanian girls lured to work in brothels and massage parlours across Europe in the hope of escaping poverty at home. Often deceived by boyfriends who are little more than pimps, these teenagers are desperate for a better life. Maya is now in a brothel in Switzerland, but her younger sister, Geida, hopes for a different future

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23 thoughts on “Generations of Romanian girls trafficked into Europe's sex industry

  1. You are very keen to portray Europe as renewed place for prostitution & free sex. But if you are democrat then you have to see also your own dens of prostitution as well which unfortunately you people are hiding. In fact, this is a large problem throughout the World.

    It is not understood that you want to enjoy yourself while you raise your accusing finger on others. This double standard is lamentable.

    The foul & vituperative language you are very happy to use to give your commentary. But you have no qualms for the mad & foul language you use to take mad & false stand in fighting in Gov Offices. Not only this, you also invest Gov investment to pay the bribe in the Law Court. Besides, you don't respect the various Orders of charge-sheet & dismissal on merit. Either you are afraid to do so or your concealment shows your inner corruption. Nevertheless, the Power who is imposing these courageous Orders in the wake of shut-down shows that there is " No difficulty in doing so.

    This is indeed amazing to see your hard criminal activity . These sex or prostitution workers are far more honest & placid in telling the truth. Thus, your portrayal of this problem is vicious & prejudice.

    Mutual Way should be o.k. with you. However, it is being felt that some guys want O.K when already the O.K. Is there in the case. This results into grudge , hatred & bigotry. This is being nurtured . This is increasing this problem manifold.

    This crisis is looming large in the World now a days. So much so people want to do prostitution in the presence of Police & Videos in the possession. These outrageous action are being considered legitimate & applauded. This adversely affects the law & order problem & plummets the morale of Police & Public both.

  2. I'm curious if Maya's husband knows how everyone who watches this thinks what a giant piece of S he is? If so, I wonder how many teeth she lost?

  3. Start hanging the people that do this PUBLICLY and this nonsense will
    Stop. But NO….it’s too much of a human rights issue. BS! These people are not people. They are unfeeling monsters. If it was my daughter I’d go on a rampage similar to Taken. And I’m serious. Unacceptable behavior.

  4. مـيــــن🥰 يـــرحـــب🥰 بـــي🥰 يـــضـــغـــك لايــــك🥰ويـراســــلنـــي خـــاص واشـترك بقـــناتــــي
    واتس اب*00212.657.168.686*💋💋💋

  5. This country doesn’t belong in the EU. There will be fewer cases of human trafficking if Romanians can’t travel freely in Schengen countries.

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