C1 BUF: Patriots-Bills Post Game show presented by Uncle Jumbos

Aaron and Greg give their immediate reactions to the Buffalo Bills tough loss against the New England Patriots.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and the show in general. Comment below and let us what you think!

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24 thoughts on “C1 BUF: Patriots-Bills Post Game show presented by Uncle Jumbos

  1. Y’all in these comments are insane, everyone’s trying to point fingers. Allen’s got to make some of these easy throws he’s missing, some of the important ones to move the chains. Some of the play calling was questionable and seemed equivalent to just taking a knee at one point. Defense NEEDED to get off the field and stop allowing the sustained drives chewing up that clock, and get the ball back to our offense ASAP so Allen and co. can try and get something going. Got wrecked in the time of position battle and I put that more on the D than the O. Pats had their best offensive performance all season imo, and despite all of that our defense still kept the game within our grasp and it went down to the wire, and Allen made plenty of big plays along the way. Foxboro in December is a tough feat for the best of NFL teams, especially when the Pats played how they did. This is a young team who competed heavily with the #1 defense and an offense that had previously been the staple of their 10, 20 year dynasty. Lighten up people

  2. I like listening to you both very intelligent but I’m done a couple minutes in because this wasn’t on offense this is defense that’s where this conversation should of started missed tackles and long drive after long drive number 2 defense guys no excuses

  3. Agree with ya on our most important upgrades. We need 1 all pro edge rusher. Next I would try to acquire another top offensive lineman. Lastly another good receiver. If we can pick up those 3 players and keep most of the coaches and front office personnel ; I think we could not only win it all but have a dynasty. We have the money, the picks, and we're establishing the culture as we speak. The future is looking promising#GoBills

  4. I am begainning to see this game as a no big deal game, because of the nonchalant tackling and no pressure on Brady the hold night. At lease I hope that is the case.

  5. I want this week for us to tell Allen to stretch the field vs ny. Tell Allen to not give a fuck and let him throw deep an gain some confidence

  6. Greg. Foster is our 3rd or 4ths WR. The reason we want Duke is because right now we have Brown, literally NOTHING, Beasely, McKenzie/Foster. We have Roberts taking snaps even though he's useless for us in the passing game. We can find someone to replace Foster on STs. He's good but no where near someone who should be taking a spot from a consistent big bodied WR. Duke is our best hand catcher, and best big bodied WR. Foster isn't our best anything. Not a good route runner, bad bad hands, isn't a good possession WR

    Our WR position is so bad I've seen us using Singletary, Knox, and Roberts as what would be our number 2 WR.

    Duke is our only legitimate number two and he made plays. He won't get amazing seperation but he will catches contested passes. Imagine that last pass today, think if Duke was there…that's why we need to promote him

  7. Bills defense was bad today, Allen made several high level QB throws, this team is one more offseason away from adding the offensive talent needed to truly evaluate Allen. You have to remember they were on the road against the leagues best defense. Rest some starters and get ready to eviscerate the Texans

  8. I thought Allen played great the o-line lost it at the end bad time for Mitch to go down. But white should have cover Edelman and there’s no way Edelman passes concussion protocol in 10 min. They should have called some screen plays and ran the ball 🏈 in the red zone in that final series

  9. Would like your thoughts…I believe this was a remarkably vanilla game plan because we didn't want to show our hand before the playoffs. Very rarely do I feel like the D is overly easy to read but today it didn't feel like we mixed it up as much as usual, nor did we disguise a lot pre-snap. We also didn't do anything Pats-specific. It felt very basic, as to save a more robust gameplan for the playoffs.

  10. My timeline is hell on Facebook. Overreaction Saturday is in full swing. Last week, we clinched a season that I’m happy with. Everything else is gravy including having at least one “bonus game” after week 17.

    We are used to playing meaningless football week 17, but normally for a vastly different reason. The Buffalo Bills are on the rise.

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