AC Milan has no identity or continuity – Matteo Bonetti | Serie A

ESPN FC’s Matteo Bonetti rips into AC Milan’s management after the Rossoneri’s 2-1 defeat vs. AS Roma, but Gab Marcotti explains why he doesn’t think there is reason to panic yet about Stefano Pioli’s squad.

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33 thoughts on “AC Milan has no identity or continuity – Matteo Bonetti | Serie A

  1. I brought this up way earlier in the season to friend this was shocking the absolute collapse since last year's result I really thought ac Millan would be returning to champions league smh 🤦‍♂️

  2. So the club (Ivan Gazidis?) sacks Gattuso because he finished 5th, bring in Giampalo who finished 9th at Sampdoria, sack him after 7 games, then of all people, they bring in Stefano Pioli?? Completely bizarre and absurd. Feel sorry for the players and the fans who have to put up with this mess. Whoever is responsible for it, I presume it is Ivan Gazidis, is a fucking clown.

  3. This guy was saying Milan would finish above Roma this season and everyone else could see there was no evidence of that. How is this guy a Serie A pundit when he's making predictions based on which team he supports, completely disregarding Roma have only finished outside the top 4 once in the last 6 years and Milan haven't played Champions League football in like 6 years. Then they wanna sit down for their annual discussion about where it all went wrong for Milan. Someone please bring in people who know what they're talking about. This guy gets paid to defend Milan without looking at facts.

  4. Last 7 years for ac milan have been in transition seasons as for a point of continuity this is italian football even the best coaches throughout serie a history barely last more than 5 years at 1 club. It is also hilarious that some one in the media would accuse a club of impatience when at the same time trying to agonise the situation by making it look apocalyptic. Maldini and boban aren't responsible for the last 3 changes of ownership and the obvious change in management they simply inherited the situation getting rid of them would simply destroy any point of continuity at ac milan. In addition they are no real senior player bonnaventura has been there the longest joining in 2014 you bare in mind milan was famous for having a settled team for years we are talking the 90s you had a dressing room of maldini tassotti costacurta albertini and baresi running the dressing room in the 00s shevchenko ambrosini nesta gattuso pirlo seedorf inzaghi came in and added that seniority. The players have let down milan too for some of them they simply aren't that good like borini he cares he runs like crazy all over the pitch but he is limited in his abilities as a player or you take suso who has dipped in form ever since his contract negotiations stalled. Kessie has been poor since baka left biglia was simply too old when he joined milan musa is a very average centre back conte is consistently injured samu is a quick technical winger in a team which is pedestrian in its build up play hakan is probably the most inconsistent player in world football.Than you add the lack of a clear plan milan should have decided on a formation and brought the players to fit than plan however the previous coach thought he could play second strikers and wingers at the same time by making them play in positions which didn't suit them at all. Milan lack any real ballers anyway no of these guys par leao or theo maybe kessie are capable of running on the ball and beating multiple players. suso beats players one of one but is so slow he allows the opposition to drop back and defend, which is pointless for a winger unless you play total football and pass the opposition to exhaustion. If milan stick to this formation they need to get the players who can make it work for me that that is a left winger a experienced defensive midfield player and another a experienced centre back and probably someone to replace suso which is going to take more than one winter mercato.

  5. Marcotti: Inter 2nd place, not convinced. Milan 12th place… Not worried they are better than inter.
    Pure baised.. It's ridiculous 😂

  6. I'll forever stick with AC Milan even in our lowest, well have to get through this step by step and hope to compete in top 4 confidently

  7. The idiotic management whose experimenting with coaches for 7 years now. A Calhanoglu here and Castillejo there could fund Mourinho's tenure for several years.

  8. The biggest mistake we did is spending 200m on average players like chalanoglu kessie biglia conti borini silva rodriguez.These guys were big fish in small pond.Wt milan should have bought is sharks of the oceans.

  9. Its like the 2nd game he had, against roma. Give it a second. He can hopefully steady the ship for now until a proper plan is formed

  10. People saying bring in this manager or spend big money on these players need to look at the financial reality of where AC Milan are now. Spending by Berlusconi and the next owner Li could have very well put Milan out of business. Yes Milan is a huge name and that helps but they simply cannot just go out and buy players and spend the wages to regain that position. It is going to take a long time and a lot of pain and work before Milan will be a competitor again due to the actions of the previous two owners that have basically tied the hands of the new owners. Even now Milan is massively in the red and will more then likely have to sell multiple players in January or they may be facing more FFP problems. I would not be surprised if Suso and Donnarumma where sold in January.

  11. To be honest, Gattuso was doing fine for his first year,then they sacked him, that is what you get for not being patient.

  12. FFS Matteo. Grow a brain. You deserve getting served by Gab after comments like that. How long have Maldini and Boban had to work together in their respective roles and what is their current budget again? Little bit of real world pragmatism along with that patience you seem to contradict yourself on.

  13. Not one thing about roma, they played very well and their two best players got in the score sheet. Also Chris smalling has been class

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