A Giant Dog – Sex & Drugs (Official Music Video)

From the album Pile, out May 6, 2016 on Merge Records.

Director – John Valley
Dir. Of Photography – Zachary W. Sprague
Makeup & Hair – Bea Canchola
Makeup – Tamara Rodriguez
Snow globe Girl (character) – Story Austin Penta
Grips – Tyler Speicher, Sam Whitworth & Ada Scarborough
Colorist – Kin Kwan
Special Effects – Arie Hovenkamp

Nguồn: https://protectworkingfamilies.com/

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27 thoughts on “A Giant Dog – Sex & Drugs (Official Music Video)

  1. I'm watching this video for the first time while I am high, I don't know how I got here but I won't forget Vincent Van Gogh smashing it on the drums!

  2. All the sex and the drugs
    And we would get it from thugs
    And the people we fucked
    And all the hippies who sucked
    All the hearts that we broke
    And all the liquor and coke
    All the weed that we smoked
    We were so hungry and broke
    We can't tell all the kids
    About the things that we did
    We can't even remember being young

  3. If you can't remember being young then it hasn't happened yet. You got like 20 years before a pile of age kicks down on you and last week I was 20 and now the babies we just all had are now having to take care of us resentful and what about this techno stuff? right? RIGHT?

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