28 thoughts on “So I installed a mod for Half-Life… – Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition (Part 2)

  1. To the very smart people point out my spelling of tyre, you realise American English isn't the only type of English right?

    And that even the mod calls them tyres.

  2. 12:03 They train young men to drop fire on people, but won't allow them to write fuck on their airplane BECAUSE?

    It is O B S C E N E

  3. “Sua Xe Dap”

    not fluent in Vietnamese but pretty sure that means a place that fixes vehicles

    an auto shop essentially

  4. This mod is canonically a prequel to the first Half Life. Gordon and Barney's fathers served together in the Vietnam war and this mod is reliving their experiences.

  5. Did I just saw: "Em đẹp lắm". I think I heard it before, when an American guy asked a Vietnamese guy how to say: "You a beautiful" in Vietnamese. I dont remember where did I saw that video but it was hilarious.

  6. you should play the original , napalm version changed so much that the original heart of evil is bassicaly a different mod , hell even the plot isnt the same

  7. The last levels are where this mod is such a tremendous letdown as compared to the original. It neuters or omits so much of the classic humor, mechanics, story, and even entire sequences of levels that makes the original such a classic.

    It's truly a shame what they did with this thing. The original remains a classic and this one is a mess.

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