1. It’s imbeciles at the top. Might as well get KJ that greyhound bus ticket ready. Hasn’t made it through a full season yet.

  2. There are a lot of guys that id love to draft at 3 (or 2 depending on next week) but if we're gonna turn our team around BQ needs to trade back with Miami for 2 of their 1st rounders and both of their 2nd rounders. That would give the Lions 2 first rounders (one top 10) and 3 second rounders in this draft. Youd have to be a caveman to mess that up. Thats 5 top-end talents in 2 rounds. Lets all pray for Miami to love Tua💯💯

  3. Dak Prescott is the new Matt Stafford put up a bunch of numbers but it's not going to get you nowhere no 99% of the Dallas cowboys fans weather be in the playoffs Detroit Lions fans he passed the farm for 400 yards but he took the L happy cuz Matt I pass 400 smh

  4. Lions aren’t taking a QB(thank goodness). The Fords gave Fatty P and Slob Quinn a playoff or bust ultimatum. That means “win now or else”. The Lions have to take an impact player. Hopefully Chase Young.

  5. We needed Dallas to beat the eagles so Dallas would not need to win vs Washington next week and we would have gotten second pick.

  6. Ok here we go.. 4 months n about 19 hrs n 45 minites till we know who are pick is if we are at 3. Yehaw 4 months of arm chair scouting mock drafting n what ifs. Im ready

  7. A good thing i saw was my BOY AUSTIN BRYANT.thought he was back on ir. Wanna see him get it next week n get a jack LB sack n some tackles for loss. I wanna see that clemson boy in the back field n smackin rbs

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