Kiss It Off Me – Cigarettes After Sex

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Recorded June 2017 in Mallorca, Spain

Written by Greg Gonzalez

Vocals, Guitar – Greg Gonzalez
Bass – Randall Miller
Drums – Jacob Tomsky
Keyboard – Phillip Tubbs

Produced & recorded by Greg Gonzalez
Mixed by Craig Silvey
Additional Engineering by Max Prior
Mastered by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound

Cover photo: “Mare 345 – Seascape” by Alessandro Puccinelli
Graphic Design by Randall Miller

Released on Partisan Records on October 25th, 2019


Saw you on the side of the road
I could see you were walking slow, drinking a Slurpee
In a peach baseball cap, falling in my lap
You were so thirsty

Could you love me instead of all the boyfriends you get?
Know I’d make you forget about all of those rich fuckboys

Kiss it off me,
If you’re gonna break my heart this is a good start
Kiss it off me

You always bite your lip when you’re feeling it, as we move slowly
& your peach baseball cap is tossed under the rack of clothes & your jewelry

& you beg for it in the morning again before you go to the gym
Said it’s a bad habit you just can’t quit…


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30 thoughts on “Kiss It Off Me – Cigarettes After Sex

  1. I am in love with someone and relationship with someone who I know I won't be able to marry and that thought makes me feel sad and helpless yet it's too late to stop already

  2. Συγχαρητηρια! Σου πήρε λίγο δε νομίζεις? Το δευτερο στοιχειο ειναι εδω κοντα…btw η φωτο προφιλ μου δεν ειναι τελεια?
    Love this song ♥

  3. Cigarettes after sex music gives me goosebumps from all the vivid dreams I remember. I feel like I'm drifting it feels sad. But I feel at home.

  4. I was in love with a guy who love this band. Now he's dating and I can't listen these songs without think about him. I miss you so much.

    Could you love me instead of all the girlfriends you get?

  5. Never ever heard of this band. It's my hobby to find and search beautiful emotional synthpop songs. This is a treasure. I love their productions! What a super 'sad' but beautiful songs.

  6. Is it really so weird that I'm stupidly in love with someone I don't know personally?… I'm just asking this to the void… Every time I think my feelings calm down, something happens and I feel them burning brighter than ever. 🙁 And this music doesn't help. But I listen to it because I love it so much… 🙁

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