8 Managers & 3 Owners in the Last 5 Years: What's Happened to AC Milan?

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8 Managers & 3 Owners in the Last 5 Years: What’s Happened to AC Milan?

AC Milan is a legendary club, boasting teams like “The Immortals” with players such as Paolo Maldini and Arrigo Sacchi. A club that won 5 European Cups in just 18 years. Now, since 2014, they have seen 8 different managers after sacking manager after manager, had 3 different owners, nearly went bankrupt, Milan was banned from the Europa League, and more. This video explains what happened to AC Milan, and how they got to this point.

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27 thoughts on “8 Managers & 3 Owners in the Last 5 Years: What's Happened to AC Milan?

  1. A.C Milan are likely to get relegated than winning the serie A title . The managers they bring are not top class. Why don't they bring a manager like Mauricio pochettino

  2. It’s weird, it’s only this last weekend when they lost 5-0, I thought ‘what the hell is happening there? How can it go so wrong so quick?’

    Thanks for the upload

  3. AC Milan needs to poach Borussia Dortmund's people.

    If there's anyone who can find elite talent on the cheap, and make tremendous profit out of it, it's them.

  4. This is how the world works. There was a glorious time, and there is a hard and bleak time. There is a rise and there is a downfall. There was a time when teams like leeds united, piacenza, derby, perugia played in the prime league. And now they are barely heard of. There was a time when manchester is red, also there is a time when manchester is blue lol

  5. This video was informative, but Milan’s absence from Europa League was the result of a mutual agreement—not a ban!

  6. It’s important to note that with Giampoalo Milan looked UNSTABLE. Even with the 9 points we didn’t look convincing at all. The wins were one goal splits over relegation level teams. The supporters weren’t with him because it seems like all the fight we saw with Gattuso had left the team and when things weren’t working out both Giampoalo and the team completely crumbled. I think it was his quick switch from a 4-3-1-2 back to the 4-3-3 that completely lost the locker room and the supporters. He did it to himself.

  7. Giampaolo was the worst by far. Under him we hardly even created any chances, and would have gotten relegated. Under Pioli we have seen massive improvement. We still need to sign a couple of players, but at least we are dominating smaller teams and even looked decent against Juve. Unfortunately, thanks to Giampaolo, this season is probably another waste.

  8. It's sad to see such a giant of the game fall so far. I remember many gloriously career modes playing as Milan.. Even gilardino and borriello banging in the goals!

  9. They need to buy a quality coach that knows how to make average players perform, because milans squad is not terrible. For instance atalanta, lyon, wolves also leipzig. They dont have huge names in every position yet they do well.

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