Sex Education: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Sex education varies widely between school districts, leaving many teens without comprehensive information. We made a video that covers what some schools are too embarrassed to teach.

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35 thoughts on “Sex Education: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. I had a discussion about sex ed with a conservative christian from the us not long ago. First off, she thought Europe was a country and secondly she believed all of Europe showed porn in Kindergarten as sex ed…. She voted for Trump, if you hadn't already guessed..

  2. Mine sex Ed was weird we had a hour long akward video and then my teacher would answer all of are qutions and you know teach us

  3. And it is stuff like this that makes me really, really glad I was born and raised in the Netherlands. We have mandatory medically accurate sex ed, even at the religious schools. I think even the schools that don't receive government funding (but not sure on that). So even though I went to a catholic highschool we had half a year of reproductive biology and sexual education, complete with different sexual orientations (which made our very strict catholic teacher nervous when she had to talk about gays and trans). We even had to make posters about different STD's and how to prevent them, and what to do if you suspected you might have one.
    No wonder the Netherlands has the fifth lowest teenage pregnancy rate. Teenagers will do it anyway, because they are basically driven by their hormones and their frontal lobe hasn't matured enough to inhibit them (same problem as you see in entitled men who don't know what consent is), so at least teach them how to do it safe and how to prevent STD's and other problems such as unwanted pregnancies. No need to shame them for natural behaviour, just teach them how to do it safely.

  4. No, no ones asking schools to teach sex education, they are asking schools to teach biology, which they have proven themselves incompetent. This fuckface says familes want schools to teach "sex education". I think that used to be true, until liberal idiots got retarded and assumed people wanted their kids hearing about men fucking each other. Game over. This idea wont end well for them.

  5. My school is a Catholic school. But we are still thought all forms of birth control, STI’s, consent and what consists a healthy relationship and what to do if you find yourself in a such situation. They still say abstinence is the best but here are tools to help you.

  6. Is it possible we've gone backwards with this? I'm GenX and we had pretty thorough sex ed, but it was peak of AIDS crisis.

  7. In 8th grade, a sex ed teacher gave us all one Skittle. Then she made us trade skittles with multiple people until eventually we got our original skittle back. Then she asked us if we wanted to eat it. Obviously most kids said no because the skittle was melting a little from other people's hand sweat… Gross. Anyways, she said that's what it's like if you have sex with others before marriage. No one would want you after that. 🙁

  8. Wait a second. The average age for first sexual contact is 17? Wow, I really was an early bloomer, but so appear to be many of the people I know. I guess thats an american thing.


    නොහැකි වනු ඇත සුව පහසු හිතන්න ඉගෙන තුළ

  10. When I was in college, one of my sociology professors brought in someone from the local women’s health center to give a “sex positive sex Ed” class. Her reasoning was that she knew most of us had never been taught anything beyond “abstinence only,” and that it was something we should know before entering the full adult world. We were encouraged to submit anonymous questions about anything we wanted to know, and even sex in queer relationships was normalized and discussed.

    I still think this was the best damn thing a teacher ever did for me and I wish it was normal for everyone to have a class like that. I learned so much and it removed SO MUCH of the stigma from the subject.

  11. Is it bad that the video at the end actually helped me? yeah I don't go to the best school for any type of education😅

  12. Right now in my country, the government has proposed a bill that calls sex education "pedophilia". Apparently telling a teenage boy that it's okay that he's in love with his classmate, or teaching teenagers about safe sex, or teaching kids how they can report sexual abuse, is borderline child molestation, but if you point out the systemic issue of ACTUAL child molestation in the Catholic Church and suggest that priests should face consequences, you're a nazi and want to destroy the country

  13. The consent video also glossed over if a male can say "no", which to be honest I'm not sure if it would be acceptable for the guy to day no?

  14. American sex ed (like many things) needs to be approached from a neutral 'make an educational choice' approach without any agendas, religious or political bias' just known facts without a spin or poorly hidden bias. They should say "these are the choices offered by both sides, this may happen, this may not happen, but you know what the implications are based on your choice, and whatever happens you matter and no one has the right to call you wrong or shame you for it!!" All this religious all sex is wrong, but also the opposite of claiming sex doesn't have any circumstances or risk are both harming people. As Americas Left-right division widens more and more people get increasingly worse false information that destroys lives!!

  15. Wow this is soooo weird. Australian school basically give you anywhere from a couple periods on sex Ed to a whole semester and it is detailed, medically accurate and completely confidential. It is required and is a very open subject. And being lgbtqi is completely fine.

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