My Little Pony Hacks vs LOL Surprise Hacks Challenge! 10 Doll Hacks And Crafts

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Living Like Billie Eilish For A Day! 11 Billie Eilish Inspired Crafts And Hacks:
Lol Surprise doll and My Little Pony compete for the best hairstyles, dresses, and even wings! Who are you rooting for? Watch the battle of Lol doll vs My Little Pony in our new video!

Supplies and tools
• LOL Surprise dolls
• My Little Pony dolls
• Acetone nail polish remover
• Utility knife
• Tinfoil
• Cotton
• Acrylic paint
• Fabric
• Needle and thread
• Balloons
• Paper
• Foam paper
• Scissors
• Stationery glue
• Glitter
• Hot glue gun
• Satin ribbon
• Multipurpose glue
• Ribbon with a design
• Beads
• Sequins
• Embroidery thread
• Markers
• Rhinestones
• Clear nail polish
• Polymer clay
• Modeling tool
• White glue
• Light clay
• Dry pastel
• Glossy acrylic polish
• Black marker pen
• Black wool roving
• Plastic roses
• Awl
• Wire
• Faux fur

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45 thoughts on “My Little Pony Hacks vs LOL Surprise Hacks Challenge! 10 Doll Hacks And Crafts

  1. OK there's not I like the My Little Pony baby creepy pony whatever because did even cut away the bun or later so that a well whatever

  2. If I was in the You Tube channel I would probably make a Rainbow Wish Pony she has a rainbow mane with pink and light blue and blonde and a lighter shade of pink and she’s whit and her cutey mark is a palm tree 🌴 yeah like that and her pets name is Swimy and he’s a mixed-up-cumelein and he’s all mixed up but even though a part of him is a fox he’s not that sneaky but a part of him is a sel and he’s really funny but there’s no way to make water come out of his elafint truck Rainbow Wish is a pony who lives on Mont Eris and her family is some hippogrif but her mom is a sea-pony and her sister goes to school but she will be with her family during the holidays but there was this one time when she had to stay at school because of Galis every year Rainbow Wish and Silverstrem go home for the holidays and stay there for three days and has a little sister who is also a pony her name is Surfsup her cutey mark is a diver because she dived on a high divingbord

  3. I’m gonna read you a story it’s called Crazy My Little Pony. Sugar Sugar Belle NoO Hi I’m Mean Pinkie Pie. I’m half mean and half crazy. Don’t worry I will get more pages so I can read more to you

  4. Splatters looks beautiful oh that reminds me of a song hit it. Baby you light up my world like nobody else. That’s all I know oh well that’s ok

  5. I only understand English well the only not English words I understand are Filiz Navedad and Bonjor and mercy and hola and calbsa . OMG does this thing even understand Spanish or French or maybe I spelled the words wrong

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