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Hosted by Kevin Pollak, the Million Dollar Money Drop sees two contestants work together as a team to beat one of the most difficult challenges of their lives: saving the million-dollar mountain of cash in front of them from disappearing forever. In this episode we meet students Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayt.

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If you were handed a million dollars in cash and only had to answer a few simple questions to keep it, could you do it? Million Dollar Money Drop challenges contestants to do just that. Created by the master minds behind “Deal or No Deal” and “1 vs. 100,” this ultimate high-stakes game show raises the stakes like no other game show by giving contestants $1 million in cold hard cash and all they have to do to keep it is correctly answer seven multiple-choice questions.

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20 thoughts on “Million Dollar Money Drop: Episode 1 – American Game Show | Full Episode | Game Show Channel

  1. I was going to watch this, but they do to much talking instead of challenges. The man that introduces everyone doesn’t need to talk that much, because it is such a long drawn out episode

  2. One thing I noticed on YT with those MDMD gameshow episodes is that YT already have all the episodes of the US version million dollar money drop. There really is only a season with 12 episodes so far as of 10/31/2019.

  3. That FINAL question was easy as HELL, because Brian Williams lacks emotion WHENEVER he reports the news, including 9/11; however Jon Stewart cried along of us on 911, and other sad news. To me it ALWAYS seemed that Williams was reading a script, not reporting the news! ALL of my friends and me believe that Stewart is a pretty trustworthy guy! I watched this that very night, and I knew the answer BEFORE the drop

  4. You k ow they made it a couples show because there is that one gamer who literally stays up all the time but can’t get a girlfriend

  5. Man, this was going to get cancelled no matter what. It's exciting to watch people win money, it's depressing to watch people cry over losing money. Kevin Pollack is an asshole lol

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