George Michael – I Want Your Sex (Stereo Version)

George Michael – I Want Your Sex (Official Video)
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There’s things that you guess
And things that you know
There’s boys you can trust
And girls that you don’t
There’s little things you hide
And little things that you show
Sometimes you think you’re gonna get it
But you don’t and that’s just the way it goes

I swear i won’t tease you
Won’t tell you no lies
I don’t need no bibte
Just look in my eyes
I’ve waited so long baby
Now that we’re friends
Every man’s got his patience
And here’s where mine ends

I want your sex
I want you
I want your sex

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24 thoughts on “George Michael – I Want Your Sex (Stereo Version)

  1. GM was a bad dude back in the day. He had this certain energy about him. You can't tell me being a toddler wasn't the shit.

  2. This video is really sexy, because so much is left to the imagination (not the song though, the song leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination). This was considered super "in your face" back in it's day, but its nothing now, and how sad that is! Subtlety. Innuendo. Context. Play on the imagination instead of just being naked and twerking and covered in tats and all that stuff (I know I sound like an old man complaining, but I'm close.)

    Modern pop stars now have completely forgotten these ideas. And now it's just gross and over the top without any redeeming qualities. Miley, I'm looking at you.

  3. Back when you wasn't supposed to say 🗣 or see 👁👁 "ASS!!! On television!!! 📺 LMAO…!!! SO FUNNY…!!!! 😂😂😂😂
    SEX is Natural…
    SEX is Good….
    Not EVERYBODY does it!! But, EVERYBODY should…!!! 😀😁😃😄😅😆

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