40 thoughts on “Does Cinematic Mod REALLY Ruin Half-Life 2?

  1. this mod is the most AWESOME mod I ever play. and I mod A LOT of games. yeah , I dont get the hate, is optional , fuckin kids .

  2. If they have such a problem with the models why did they bother finding the files for themselves? I feel as if the people who disliked the mod ( and this video) are people who have major brain trauma or are less then smart due to the ability to ahem TURN THE MODELS OFF/OPTIONS THEMSELVES, with how retarded people can be these days it is obvious how many jump upon the chance to dislike something that is amazing.

  3. Honestly I think the Cinematic Mod is beautiful. The porn stuff can just be toggled off, and there's a mod for the graffiti. So what you're left with is a beautiful Soviet-Esc high detail landscape. And for those who are complaining about those ferns, ferns grow quite well in poor soil, and considering the Combine are draining the earth's resources, it would make sense that there's lot's of ferns. Simply put, this is a beautiful mod with it's rep having been tarnished by optional features that people overreacted to.

  4. "pornographic model" She's fucking nude, not engaging in sexual activities. Fucking prudes. Of coarse it doesn't "need" to happen, it's just a silly, fun, option. People are such shit.

  5. Have to agree with this man's perspective. I would have played Cinematic Mod, if I was clever enough to install it. Wanted me to change some file extensions I think, and I got lost. I would love a re-imagining of HL2. I want to play HL2 again, but it's just not quite pulling me back to do so. Whereas a mod with graphics like I have seen in screen-shots of Cinematic Mod, well that's perfect. I didn't know the sexed up imagery was optional. However I was going to play it anyway, because I wanted the rest of it. (Maybe I should try finding it again to download.)

  6. The porn models get too lambasted in general, I really don't find it creepy at all. Its a virtual model that some horny dude created for other horny people. Modders – hell, people in general – have been doing this for years. Going back to the Second World War, the military produced pornography-based star maps for bomber pilots, because it gave them further reason to study the images. CakeFactory included porn models in his mod to give some people further reason to play his mod.

    I don't see why people are still so afraid of porn and naked people. The sexual revolution happened 60 years ago, we should be over this by now.

  7. I love this mod it looks amazing but if you hate it for the porn models that can be changed your fucking childish like grow the fuck up or destroy your pc and never come back

  8. As a player of Half Life 2, I fail to understand, why you would hate this mod? It's optional, not mandatory

    When did settings in a mod become not optional?

    Did, I miss something?

  9. So making every female NPC in Skyrim or Mass Effect nude is fine but Alyx is not? Am I missing something? I'm a bit of a fanboy since the first HL and I don't get it

  10. Mods don't ruin the base game. No base game has EVER been ruined by a mod. Except made the base game sort of obsolete (To some, X-COM's Long War would be such a mod)

  11. I run the cinematic mod with MMOD, I just get rid of the new character models in favour of the classic. There are some upgraded higher res versions of the default models as well that aren't altered in body shape in any way.

  12. So I go onto ModDB and I have no idea what files are the correct ones to download. It's nice to see that people haven't given up on this mod too. I think it looks nice. All the profanic stuff is just a bonus if you ask me. Normal HL2 is just boring anymore.

  13. i tried the cinematic mod thanks for this video. I cant go back to vanilla Half Life. I tried but wont work. So thanks for that 🙂

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