23 thoughts on “7 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Showed Something NEW!

  1. No more UEFA comps on this channel as UEFA decided to give me a lot of trouble..
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  2. All these crazy world class free kicks and Barka dogs start wagging their tails every time missy scores a free kick by fluke

  3. The truth is Cristiano is overrated. Ofcourse he is a good footballer. That's enough. More than that he is nothing. But the kids who don't know what is real football………

  4. Leo Messi scored 50 goals in 37 matches…CR7 could have broken that record too as he scored 48 in 35…bt it wasn't to be😔

  5. Can we stop fighting !! I love messi & ronaldo there is no denial both are legend in grounds ⚽🏆 we're going to miss them when they retire 😭

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