26 thoughts on “Were Dragons Real Animals?

  1. Pretty sure there weren't dragons and giants and that the Earth isn't hollow and filled with dinosaurs and robots and shit. Call it a hunch.

  2. When cultures around the world depict the same thing, You know there was something back then that people were encountering.

    Dino or dragon? Who knows.. But that's what it looked like to them.

  3. Its possible that the legends of dragons came from ancient people finding fossils like T-Rex etc. All the fire breathing stuff is probably just people using their imagination.

  4. Of course dragons were real! "Dinosaur" is a new word, they were called dragons in the Bible and many other cultures. A dictionary from the 1600's had the words "rare now" next to the definition of Dragon.

  5. While personally I’d love some scientific evidence for dragons, there is a long tradition for ancient civilizations making amalgamation creatures: Centaurs, animal headed Egyptian gods. Even the Asian dragon model is stated to have a carps scales, lions mane, deers antlers, alligators head and an old mans whiskers.

  6. “I don’t know, not my field” is something that more people should admit on things that they don’t know, myself included

  7. They've found a skeleton of a kid that was taken by a gigantic eagle thousands of years ago in like new Zealand or something. The huge claw marks in the kids skull matched perfectly and was found in a bone pile.
    Edit: God dammit they talked about this after i posted lol

  8. You can explain the fire away pretty easily. Stomach acid or even a sort of venom. People who are bit by poisonous snakes and spiders sometimes describe the pain as like they are burning from the inside. It's possible these creatures didn't breath literal fire but to primitive man it felt like it. As to why they would do this, it could be that was part of the dragons eating process. they would spit acidic bile all over their prey, that would break it down to something a bit softer and they would consume what was left over.

    Or, they would spit up their bile that was Pyrophoricity, as soon as it would come into contact with the air it would ignite. So they weren't actually breathing fire, but it would look like they were. Out of all creature of legends Dragons are one that I'm fairly certain most likely were real.

  9. Lizards with Bird Bones? I just picture Chuck Norris walking around with a bottle of Frank's Hot Sauce, N just Clint Eastwood's it around his fingers every time he hears something

  10. The problem with finding a fossilized dragon is that a creature that can fly has to die in some natural disaster that will bury it in the ground to start the fossilization process. If humans killed dragons and left them for dead on the ground their evidential existence would fade away similar to the buffalo of North America.

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