[Vinesauce] VineTalk – Half-Life: Alyx Announcement, Google Stadia & More Discussion

Vinny talks about the Half-Life: Alyx Announcement, Google Stadia and more live on Vinesauce.
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Stream date: Nov 18th, 2019
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November 18th, 2019 Stream:
VineTalk – Half-Life: Alyx Announcement, Google Stadia & More Discussion ►
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33 thoughts on “[Vinesauce] VineTalk – Half-Life: Alyx Announcement, Google Stadia & More Discussion

  1. Imagine the thought process behind this, the fucking BETHESDA level thought process

    "Ok, this is our first ACTUAL game in more than a decade, people are gonna loose their shit, its another half life title, something people have been asking for for years now… SO LETS MAKE IT EXCLUSIVE TO THE 2% OF STEAM USERS WITH VR "

  2. “It’s weird [that it’s Half-Life].”

    In what fucking multiverse would it be weird that a company still named Valve SOFTWARE wouldn’t be trying to push out a game in their most beloved series? I’m really not understanding anyone who seriously thought Valve was NEVER going to put out another Half-Life game.

  3. You dont even get to own the games you buy with Stadia? AND its a subscription? Hard pass. Im not stupid, thats an EA move and I will not support anyone who tries that kind of fuckery. And honestly if youre too impatient to simply wait for a game to download and intsall itself on your computer, then you are probably not going to enjoy whatever youre going to play.
    Plus I dont know about you, but whenever I play a video game, I get way too into it. I would not want to subject people to the neurotic screeches and screaming that takes place whenever I do poorly in a video game. it would not get any better likely if there were people watching the mess occur. When Vin does it, its endearing. When its me that does it, people shoot themselves and get the devil to put a hit out on me.

  4. Although it might continue the Half-Life series in some way or another I think Valve is making this just so they can force people to buy their VR shit

  5. My only problem is how incredibly expensive the headsets (and pc parts, upgrading in general) is in my country. Sucks ass. Not in a financial sitch to play it anytime soon.

  6. "i need that push to get me into VR, because i'm not that interested"
    pretty much. to get the VR games market past the gimmicky stage, eventually there must be some big VR-exclusive titles.

  7. If the Alyx game comes out and it starts with "Brought to you by the makers of Hunt Down the Freeman"…

    I'm fucking sold.

  8. The "dip their toes in the water" thing was the first thing that came to my mind as well. It's been ages since the last big Half-Life project, so there's no way they could just immediately pick up where they left off smoothly. Releasing a potentially smaller project to sort of gauge expectations and polish off some of the rust would be a smart idea if they ever want to seriously get back into developing for the series.

  9. From an active VR user's perspective, it's exciting to see a proper full length game in the works. There are only a handful of good original games in a sea of ports and 20 minute proof of concept titles.

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