21 thoughts on “Sex and the City (2008) OFFICIAL TRAILER

  1. please someone who knows the song… not at the beginning but the next which is the classic soundtrack!

  2. Beautiful! Love the movie and the music! Great job! Oh yeah, by the way, great editing. You did a awesome job! God I love this movie at filmsi.co.cc. Every single bit of it. It is just perfect.

  3. The movie is great, but the music is… it's epic. One of the best movies i've ever seen at filmsi.co.cc. Blew my mind. And the sountrack is one of the best there is. Excellent!

  4. Yeah!! This is it!! I'm shocked with this story. Nothing seems unrealistic…WoW, just wow!!! I could watch this hundred times and still saying wow!! See this for free on malifilmici.co.cc…Just balm for your eyes..

  5. had one of those sleepless nights last night and ended up watching this… pretty cute movie… i followed up with SATC part 2 and found it to be fun and quirky and full of laughable adventure.
    All in all great films.

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