OBLIVIOUS (short film about sex-trafficking)

A film for SHIFT freedom (SHIFTFREEDOM.org)

A girl is stuck in the vicious cycle of sex-trafficking.
WON: Best Picture, Best PSA (Colorful Colorado Film Festival for Youth)
NOMINATED: Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score (All American High School Film Festival)

SHOT ON: Sony A6300 + Sony 35mm 1.8

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Mikey Hardesty

Nguồn: https://protectworkingfamilies.com/

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43 thoughts on “OBLIVIOUS (short film about sex-trafficking)

  1. thank you guys so much for all of your comments! i'm really glad this film is starting a conversation so thank you guys for watching!

  2. Doesn't seem like she was forced, seems like she new what she was doing. Just curious how these girls get themselves caught up in this.

  3. This is a huge problem in England, but nobody talked about it for decades because the pimps and customers were minorities. The cops knew but were told to leave it alone because of the criminals were minorities.

  4. As a mother to a 15 yo girl, I really want to just punch this mom in the face and take her kids from her! Sorry, but you don't have kids so you can enjoy your wine during the day, while they're at their friends " finishing homework ". You do hw with them and then you spend quality time together, so that when they grow up, they know right from wrong !! Shame on moms who simply dont care!!!

  5. مـيــــن🥰 يـرحــــب🥰 بـــي🥰 يــضـغط لايـك🥰ويــــراســنـي خـــــاص واشـــترك بـقـنـاتـــي

  6. This video theme is quite "scary" and it is hard to believe that there are parents who are not careful with their children but thank goodness my parents are quite protective. But one day I went to a park with a friend of mine, it was a park near my house, and a man watched us until after he started taking pictures of us. We went to ask a lady for help and thank goodness she helped us and there were also two men who were out there and said they saw him taking picture of the name of the park. It was the worst experience I've ever had in my life

  7. Reading the comments I noticed that it's actually pretty important for us all to know that to be considered trafficking in the case of kids (people younger than 18 y.o.) you don't really have the need for force, fraud or coercion, just the act of commercializing or exploiting them in any way already characterizes trafficking.

  8. 1:30 I hate how they hint this all the mother's fault with the wine glass. As a mother of a tween, you hover, you get that response. No one suspects this crap.

  9. I grew suspicious of the telling of the story when the girl quickly closed her laptop with her mom came into the room. And then picked her backpack up without grabbing her laptop which she conducted whatever conversation on. But she took her cell phone 👍🤔 this version of this scenario seems like it was a choice based off of the first few scenes.

  10. sexual exploitation doesn’t always happen to underprivileged people. sometimes it also happens in households that are “enough” and “able”

  11. Okay, this was all on her. she sent out the 'invite'. It's one thing if you are kidnapped and abducted. it's another if you are placing yourself in these situations, REGARDLESS if it's only for 'fun'. Sorry, no sympathy for her.

  12. if I closed my laptop that fast while my mom was there do you know how fast she’d throw herself on the bed to see what I was doing

  13. Sad to know this still goes on sorry for all the females in this or who have died to this shit may god watch over everybody who is on his side and protect everybody from these scary life scenarios

  14. You really mean to tell us that nearly a whole 1% of the entire US population is made up of loli sex slaves? There are about 40 million Americans in the 10-19 age bracket for child/teen prostitution. You really mean to tell us that a full 5% of those are sex slaves? A full 10% of all girls 10-19 are sex slaves? Bullshit! For comparison… not even 1% of the USA's much larger ADULT population is in the armed forces, or a doctor.

  15. This film is going to cause a lot more problems than it solves. You just created the message that child prostitutes are abundant and cheap. A whole bunch of closeted predators just realized that they can go and buy a child rather than have to groom one.

  16. It didn't look like anyone was forcing her to do anything oh, she was at home with her mom if she was that scared she could have told her mom and not went and met with the guy. She got smart mouth with her mother seems like she has a caring mother so am I book she's doing that willingly I don't know about the rest of the girls around the world and then the country I'm not saying this right if it's against their will it's wrong if they're doing it willingly that's their business if they get caught so be it. Because you can't rape the willing.

  17. Wait I feel so confused this girl is 13? Who is this man? was her mom a part of this? How did this man driving her get access to her? I feel so confused.

  18. We all find this sick right???? Then why is that sometimes when we fet upset with our children, we give them punishments like keeping them out of the house for hours in the dark and cold. Those little ones spend those hours outside alone, completing those hours of punishment 😯😯 Only parents without conscious can do this. When we love our children, we ensure that they are truly cared for in terms of protection, personal development and all. Those kids grow up to be mentally balanced and strong physically. They learn right from wrong. But unfortunately I don’t see any of this happening in this century 😯😯😯😯😯😯Extremely shocking and sad. We have thrown away our babies to sex trafficers and sexual exploitation. We don’t spend quality time with our kids, we don’t explain things to them psychologically so they become shrewd with people around. We need to prepare our kids for life.

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