Mourinho on the evolution of “genius“ Messi

Jose Mourinho talks about watching Lionel Messi up close and personal, and how the Barcelona star’s teammates have helped him refine his otherworldly talents.

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50 thoughts on “Mourinho on the evolution of “genius“ Messi

  1. Mourinho always has his teams play very rough with Messi, foul him hard, sneak in punches and kicks and elbows during dead ball situations (or any other times the officials may not be looking), and anything else they can do to hurt him.

  2. "that for me the big question…" (halfway smiling…). Mourinho is a great coach, but he sure is butthurt from being humped so many times by "genious" and FC Barcelona….he's looking forward to Barcelona not having Messi and the end of it as a team. We'll see….

  3. No doubt Messi is a genius, but credit should also be given to fantastic Barca team. No one can forget the stellar roles played by Xavi and Iniesta. Otherwise, why can't Messi replicate the same success rate for Team Argentina. A World Cup is what Messi deserves. Till then the world has to wait.

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  5. He is right though, Barcelona isn’t the same Barcelona without Messi. What will Barcelona become after Messi ? Big Question.

  6. Is it me only that Mourinho was not quite effusive about Messi in this interview? It probably makes sense given how Messi has been tormented him for over a decade – LOL!

  7. Morinho wants to come to barca what a joke we don’t want you anymore we will not forget you at barca vs Madrid match you disrespected Messi so don’t think to come to barca not only that Barcelona is not your home we Barcelona don’t want rubbish 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  8. I think when Messi would retire, Xavi would come back as the coach of the team, and then there would be nothing to worry about.

  9. Mourinho's Big Question is SUPER SCARY for all of us Barca Diehards! What kind of Barcelona will we have after Lionel Messi has hung up his boots? In fact, the other question is: HOW many years have we got left to enjoy and marvel and take pride in his God-given glorious talent?

  10. The answer to that question is tha Messi will take a few years off to stay with family and after that will become the head coach at Barcelona and the trophies will keep on coming , that's all , there's Lio for a while!!!😎

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