Mike Tyson: I didn’t have sex for five years

In a two day interview, Mike Tyson opens about the mentality of a world heavyweight boxing champ: being scared to death before bouts, sniffing out an opponents intimidation and abstaining from sex for five years; taped in 2011

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23 thoughts on “Mike Tyson: I didn’t have sex for five years

  1. 19year for me I was a shy nice guy an girl were looking for hood dudes you know street dudes..id say it was 95%rejection an the other 5% missed windows..it was kinda crazy where I was at tho it was the environment that made me wait ..females would set dudes up ..it called back dooring. An the diseases were and is still crazy still till this day..id say waiting that long can even make or break you mentality..i felt low for a while but I know now I dodged a couple of bullet literally an figurative..
    P.s. it the environment sometime it doesn't have to be your 1st time but it can be your last stay safe out there✌

  2. Personally me, 46 months without and orgasm 🙂 Hallelujah! 26 months before that, but fell for a month! My wife might be in my sights… Thank you Real Jesus!!! My stranger than fiction testimony that started this will be on my channel very soon… Hallelujah 🙂 Maybe watch this energy released… and I am from 71 with M.S. Hallelujah though https://youtu.be/tFgzo5aMrhE Hallelujah Mike

  3. Fighting is 💯 mental…….His fear is what made him GREAT offense & defense won him the game

    If you ever fought someone that was afraid… they tap that tale & sent you home #RESPECT

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