MASSIVE CHANGES: New Buffs & NERFS Coming in Patch 9.24B – League of Legends

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Patch 9.24B is the last patch of season 9! it includes changes to champions like Ezreal, Aphelios, Shaco, Alistar, and many others.

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47 thoughts on “MASSIVE CHANGES: New Buffs & NERFS Coming in Patch 9.24B – League of Legends

  1. Thats why this game have so much dmg.Insted of just nerfing items/dragons/champs they are nerfing and buffing so all this balancing is pointless because next patch will be for example "cloud dragon is to strong,we nerfing it but also buff mountain ocean and infernal" never ending story…. I never feel so tired playing this game like in this preseson,jzs this game suck even more than before.

  2. My question is gonna be weird, but can you tell me the background's song name?
    As for the video… I always enjoy your information. They are way too helpful.

  3. Just a note: "aphelios will receive a nerf to his calibrum mark, which will lower its ratio by 10%", 0.4 to 0.3 is actually a 25% nerf to scaling, ez's buff is a 9.1% buff to Q scaling (technically +10% is correct but in terms of actual power increase it's 9.1%)

  4. You can tell he's reading it off when he says stuff like:

    "There is only one champion with a change in the midlane, it's Heimedinger"

  5. Did we lose the previous guy. If not, then that is good cause i do like the change of voices… it makes it seem like you guys have employees and stuff…

  6. I still believe they should unbutcher some of yuumi….they completly over nerfed her
    The punishment (5 sec cooldown) for getting stun while ur attaching is fair and should stay…but the channeling should be removed
    All of the Q nerfs and "buff" should just be reverted
    The E change is kinda unnoticeable really i think it could be fine either or

  7. Bot lane meta is gonna still the same aslong Nautilus, Thesh and Blitz are the best options we are gonna still playing the "1 hook 1 kill" game. At least Leona has to go in and has a decent amount of counterplay. IMO the bot lane is more enjoyable when enchanters can compete against engage supports, so riot should destroy Hooks damage and make them more tanky. I just wanna play a bot lane where the better player gets rewarded and mistakes can get punished.

  8. the pantheon rework video proved me right …. the employees of riot are on crack. why buff garen's damage when with one item he already has a ton of damage and is tanky as fuck with only ninja taibi even though u have pen. riot should stop giving jobs to these iron and bronze dick sucking crackheads that is fucking a good game. if this patch is unbalanced as fuck i'm gonna stop playing this game.

  9. I understand that little simple garen buff, but why Gnar why they are buffing gnar, Riot what the fuck, I'm tired OF RANGED CHAMPIONS, THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, DO YOU HAVE A FUCKING SOUL, TEEMO IS FUCKING ENOUGH, VAYNE IS FUCKING ENOUGH, NOW GNAR, AGAIN YOU GOOD, YOU DOG SHIT COMPANY FUCK YOU, Yes buffing Gnar is the solution to everything that ruins Top lane, good job and fuck you

  10. Ooh, I'm liking those Gnar changes 😀 Although I still feel that Gnar is in need of a gameplay rework. Turn his mega form into his big power window while making mini-Gnar more about surviving until you transform while removing his limitless poke and %health damage on his W.

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