Making my Own Game Show

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About Kelsey:
Welcome to my channel! I’m a 25 year old preschool teacher turned YouTuber and entertainer.  I make “lifestyle focused” videos but honestly they’re more sarcastic than anything. On my channel you can find me fighting with a food processor, making fun of people on the red carpet, or giving genuinely good advice (if I do say so myself). So join the #KelseySquad to be a part of the #KelseyFam and don’t forget to be a proud #Kelsinator just kidding just watch my videos.

Making my Own Game Show

Kelsey Kreppel


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26 thoughts on “Making my Own Game Show

  1. Im actually impressed with the using your mouth and spoon to transfer M&Ms to the cup. You had big spoon fulls and like none dropping i feel like that was like dude perfect shiat right there

  2. Person 1: "Hey how are you?"
    Person 2: "Wait lemme ask my immune system"
    Immune system: "I'm sooo much better"
    Person 2 "Sooooooo much better"

  3. If i held my chopsticks like that my grandma would disown me for putting shame on the family and dishonoring my chinese ancestry 😭😭

  4. This seems like the kind of thing my friends and I would set out to do while drunk or high and two of us would rage quit and the other will just end up crying (me).

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