25 thoughts on “Levante 3 – 1 Barça | BARÇA LIVE | Warm up & Match Center

  1. Sigue luchando contra Lionel Messi por tu club Barcelona y todos tus fanticos.(Thomas de Indonesia grado 5 en la escuela primaria Budi Luhur Strada 2.Esta en East Bekasi,cerca de la terminal de Bekasi)

  2. Háganle caso a este youtuber mancuer no les da vergüenza como juegan sin ganas ni pasión les aseguro si ponían a canteranos en este partido ganaríamos pero como está valverde los quema

  3. This fucking board of FC Barcelona is giving a real test to the fans. That bartameu or what the coward's dickhead name , he is just for money and business growth , sacrificing the club's reputations and philosophy that have been earned by our great predecessors with their hardwork and sweats. This president is just a piece of dogshit who can't do anything right for the club. Secondly,I was not much against valverde but this time he is just need to get the fuck out of this club that we love. He is destroying FC Barcelona and should be thrown out of the club otherwise we will be like any other casual teams of Europe with some great and expensive players. No teamwork, no mental strength no composure ,what the shit was this match. Fuck valverde and the president of the club. They must have been kicked out before .

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