Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

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Lost in Translation (2003)
cigarettes after sex:
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44 thoughts on “Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

  1. Had 2 anxiety attacks back to back after the class christmas party. Now this song is holding me over until i get home. Im so thankful for this song right now.

  2. Once I met a girl with a 5 month old baby girl. I loved her like she was my own for 2 years. I’ve never loved anyone like I loved them. Then one day she disappeared across the country and I never saw that little girl ever again. It ruined me….

    Now I’m terrified to ever fall in love ever again.

  3. satanic song piece of shit they kill our childlessness with this satanic songs we think it who's innocent but in the truth it who's so evil I invite you all to Islam brothers and sisters Islam is the only truth and Allah is the only god who created everyone and everything

  4. Well I'm all alone and I'm hurting. Nothing will work out, can't have a new start. Everything is crumbling apart. Can't trust anyone with my heart……..

  5. Me 36 and a 21 yr old I'm talking to right now who I adore and spend most of my actual fun time with but keep at arms length. She deserves someone her age. She''s the best though, for real.

  6. watched the whole movie last night and was disappointed that this song wasn’t in the actual movie 🙁 would’ve made me cry my eyes out if it did ; a song of friendship, solace and what ifs.

  7. How ironic that I love Cigarettes After Sex but I’m a virgin and I don’t smoke
    (copied comment btw, i cracked so hard when i read it)

  8. these comments are hilarious. ya'll are so deep… i remember being like that up until i was 30.. find your own path, do what you want regardless of what anyone thinks. it all falls into place after that. its actually really simple and you'll know what i mean when it happens.

    side note, awesome tune

  9. Just had a breakdown on my birthday when the loneliness hit too hard with this song in the bg
    Damnit CAS, y u gotta be so evocative?

  10. Hey cyborg..I wouldn't have watched this movie if you didn't make this video.. Thanks a lot for suggesting such a beautiful movie

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