Aphelios Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

The deadliest weapon is faith.

With the blessing of his sister Alune, Aphelios uses five moonstone weapons to eliminate the enemies of the Lunari. Master his dynamic arsenal, special HUD, and numerous marksman gameplay styles.

Aphelios Kit Primer:

Aphelios Champion Trailer:

Aphelios Champion Theme:

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31 thoughts on “Aphelios Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

  1. Oh nice when you release a champ that you have to calculate physics and mathematics to use. Good one Riot.Another useless champ! 😀 Keep on digging that cash

  2. Everyone:
    " wooow riot is so good, such a complex and innovative champion mechanic for a MOBA!!! xdxd never seen before!1"

    Heroes of The Storm:
    * releases Cho'Gall, Deathwing, Abathur *

  3. Riot: creates a champion who has 5 different weapons and still has cc and long range

    Community of LoL: Hello is this Riot? I'd like to order a Big Nerf with a side of Salty Players.

  4. methinks riot needs to take a step back and stop letting tencent run them. because thats how champions like this happens

  5. I could honestly see this supporting the idea of having a bruiser/sup bottom to counter a yas, and Aph mid to fight assassins

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