Lionel Messi ● 3 Memorable "el Clásico" Performances That Impressed The World

3 of many!!



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29 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● 3 Memorable "el Clásico" Performances That Impressed The World

  1. All current and past madrid fans and players are a bunch of dirty little bitches, who dont cope well with being dominated. 😂

  2. these were the El Classicos everybody was waiting for this match for the whole year, Messi vs Cr7, ever since Cr7 left to be honest the matches have become a bit less intense

  3. I just love when haters say Messi was only amazing Cos he was surrounded by amazing players but if u acc watch the matches you’ll see that he does it all himself, the rest just wait for him to pass and go again and again. They could all just stand there and let him pass and go to the goal if they wanted Cos he does all the hard work they rest act like walls he bounces the ball off

  4. Quality video, well put together! In the last one, Barça might not have won the league title, but that's definitely one of Messi's most memorable performances!

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