Collective bargaining protects all Michigan’s families, giving workers the right to negotiate fair wages and benefits.

Teacher Strikes Still Illegal Under Proposal 2

Secretive, Well-funded Corporate Special Interests Release Dubious Attack Ad

Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution, a shadowy front group for corporate special interests, has released another attack ad intended to scare Michigan voters with lies, fear mongering and misleading information.

“The claims in this ad are false,” said Lynn Jondahl, a former state legislator who also served as the chair of the State of Michigan Board of Ethics.  ”Proposal 2 does not change the current prohibition on teacher and public school employee strikes, nor does it change current law regarding safety certificates for school bus drivers, which leave that responsibility in the hands of elected school boards.”

Collective bargaining gives teachers a voice to negotiate for smaller class sizes so they can better educate our kids, time to complete ongoing training required by law and a say on policies that affect their students.  Student learning conditions are often improved by collective bargaining.

The 30-second ad makes a host of false claims about Proposal 2 to protect collective bargaining, including that the proposal would make it legal for teachers to strike, negatively impact bus driver safety standards and drive up pension and healthcare costs for taxpayers.

These claims are lies.

The Proposal 2 amendment language states, ““No existing or future law of the State or its political subdivisions shall abridge, impair or limit the foregoing rights; provided that the State may prohibit or restrict strikes by employees of the State and its political subdivisions.”

A recent press release from the same shadowy front group received a “foul” rating from the Center for Michigan’s Truth Squad for stating that “School bus drivers would no longer be legally required to have safety training.”

“The Pupil Transportation Act requires school bus drivers to complete safety training courses. … (S)chool boards are responsible for the safety of children getting to and from school,” the Truth Squad stated.

Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution insists on recycling claims that have been proven false in order to scare and mislead voters.

Corporate special interests hide behind shadowy front groups like this one to launch $10.2 million of attack ads against Michigan’s working families without fear of discovery.

A loophole in Michigan’s Campaign Finance Law lets these groups off the hook from reporting their finances. The groups have refused to answer a challenge from the Protect Working Families campaign to reveal who is bankrolling them.