Collective bargaining protects all Michigan’s families, giving workers the right to negotiate fair wages and benefits.

Rep. Peters Defends Michigan PTA from Unfair and Unprecedented Attack

Proposal 2 Opponents Try to Silence Concerned Moms and Dads

Late Friday, Protecting Michigan Taxpayers sank to a new low by filing a baseless lawsuit against the Michigan PTA.

The Michigan PTA supports Proposal 2 because collective bargaining ensures that teachers receive training and instruction materials that help children learn while keeping them safe in the classroom.

“The notion that nonprofits cannot take positions or advocate on ballot proposals is simply false,” said Congressman Gary Peters. “It is irresponsible to charge the PTA with misconduct, just as it is reckless to charge that Proposal 2 will have a negative impact on child safety. Our PTAs support public policies that ensure the best education for the children of Michigan, and Proposal 2 does just that.  Proposal 2 opponents have recklessly attacked Michigan’s teachers and parents, but it’s not surprising since they have consistently sided against the interests of Michigan families.”

Also on Friday, a nationally-recognized research organization called the arguments used in television ads against Proposal 2 “Scare Tactics.” According to , Protecting Michigan Taxpayers “fails to tell the whole story when it claims the amendment ‘could prohibit schools from removing employees with criminal records.’” Read the full article here: link

The Michigan PTA has not made a financial contribution to the Proposal 2 campaign, or any ballot initiative. According to the Michigan Nonprofit Association, who has not taken a position on Proposal 2, 501(c)(3) organizations are permitted by law to take positions on policy issues, such as collective bargaining.

This unjust attack against the Michigan PTA was likely launched as a distraction from Friday’s campaign financial filings.

With just over a week until Election Day, the financial filing deadline forced the opposition groups to reveal the source of their secretive cash. The list reads like a who’s who of corporate special interests. Many have a long history of sending jobs overseas and opposing workplace rights here at home. These CEOs reap millions of dollars in bonuses by cutting the wages and benefits of ordinary workers.

Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution raised $6.5 million and Protecting Michigan Taxpayers raised $18.4 million for a total of $24.9 million, according to campaign financial filings with the Michigan Secretary of State office.

Donors to Protecting Michigan Taxpayers include a combined $1.8 million from the DeVos family and their corporate holdings.

The chair of Protecting Michigan Taxpayers, Jared Rodriguez , also is the registered agent for the Michigan Alliance for Business Growth. That group donated $3.5 million to Protecting Michigan Taxpayers, making it the second-largest opposition contributor.

Michigan PTA’s response filed earlier today.  (PDF document)