Collective bargaining protects all Michigan’s families, giving workers the right to negotiate fair wages and benefits.

President Bill Clinton Endorses Proposal 2

  Former President Urges a YES Vote to Protect Collective Bargaining

 Today the Vote Yes on 2 Campaign to protect collective bargaining confirmed the support of former President Bill Clinton.

“Collective bargaining protects rights for all working families, and gives you a voice to negotiate for fair wages, benefits and safe working conditions,” said Clinton.  “Voting yes on Proposal 2 also protects workers from corporate special interests that arbitrarily cut wages, benefits and pensions and ship jobs overseas.”

“We are thrilled to have President Clinton’s support for Proposal 2 because collective bargaining gives all workers a voice on the job,” said Protect Working Families Campaign Manager Ken Brock.  “Collective bargaining helped save our auto industry, and a yes vote on Proposal 2 will ensure that police officers, firefighters, and nurses can negotiate for the staffing levels and equipment that they need to keep our communities safe.”

President Clinton is the latest in a string of prominent endorsements, including the Michigan PTA, former Governor Jennifer Granholm and numerous law enforcement officials such as Sheriff Benny Napoleon.  A yes vote on Proposal 2 protects collective bargaining, while a no vote is a vote against this fundamental right.